Note 1276704 - jload export fails with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

A jload export of a MSSQL datasource fails with java.lang.OutOfMemory error.
Other terms
system copy, export, jload
Reason and Prerequisites
The used JDBC driver is Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Driver for JDBC (
The table the jload fails to export contains LOB fields.

For the duration of the export we recommend to extend the URL of the export datasource by the property
Use configtool to do so.
This should avoid the memory problems.
After the export is done switch back to the original URL again.

original URL:
changed URL: jdbc:sqlserver://PWDF6636:1433;databasename=BIG;responseBuffering=adaptive

Usage of configtool:
The configtool is normally located on $(DIR_INSTANCE)\j2ee\configtool
(for example: c:\usr\sap\\J\j2ee\configtool).
To start it, execute configtool.bat.
In the emerging popup, after the connect, click on "secure store".
The URL to change can be either directly modified in the "Secure Store Data" tab or the "Connection Pools" tab.
Edit this entry by double-clicking the URL-line and changing the value in the "Value:" line. Save by hitting "Add".
Save the setting by File->Apply Changes or hitting the floppy icon.

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