At time when you perform transport, the truck will be hanging there. This is due to many reason. To resolve, try one of these:

1.       SA38 > Reschedule Job RDDIMPDP via program RDDNEWPP or RDDPUTPP

2.       SM59 > Test connection and authorization for RFC TMSADM@SID. Give sap_all profile to user  TMSADM

3.       Go to OS level and Kill tp.exe process
4.       SA30  > Clear table TRJOB and TRBAT

5.       Or enter this parameter in STMS > System Over view > Select System > Transport Tool >

6.       Then add SYSTEM_PF with value \\<host>\sapmnt\<sid>\SYS\profile\default.pfl

7.       Back and update configuration (CTRL-F2)