Cannot launch Configuration in Portal NWA (NetWeaver Admin) to see the trusted system as below:


This problem is caused by the insufficient authorization of the ZSAP_J2EE_ADMIN_* which is copied from SAP_J2EE_ADMIN. To solve this, we need to assign the ZSAP_J2EE_ADMIN_* group to administrators security role in the Security Provider through the Visual Admin. We need this task to be carried out in the HR, BI and CRM Portal (Java Stack – Dev, QA, Regression and Prod) in order for us to maintain the trusted system in respective portal and also to complete the FPN (Federated Portal Network) setup.


Steps for resolution.

1.       Launch Visual Admin

2.       Go to Server --> services --> Security Provider

3.       Go to Runtime --> Policy Configurations --> Security Roles

4.       Select administrators, assign the ZSAP_J2EE_ADMIN_* to it.