1. GRC 5.3 is able to provision SNC settings to SU01 but USERID appears in upper case format as below:

  2. SNC is case sensitive, thus it will failed when user tried to login.
  3. Because GRC 5.3 convert user id to UPPERCASE as below:

  4. This can be resolved in two step.
  5. Step 1: Configuration > Request Form Customization > SNC Name > 
    Default value > p:#!#userId#!#@DOMAIN.COM

  6. Step 2: Configuration > Field Mapping > LDAP Mapping > Additional Fields > Add SAP_User_ID and then map it to the correct LDAP fields. In our case, its "mailNickname" because it is in lowercase.
  7. GRC will then replace userId with the LDAP field "mainNickname" which is in lowercase

  8. Once provision, SNC field in SU01 will be in this format p:zmolan@DOMAIN.COM