When you run repository sync from
SPRO > GRC > AC > Sync Job > Repository Object Synch > Run in foreground

You will get below error:
Program for Repository User Synchronization

Processing for connector GRCTEST210
Starting user synchronization for connector GRCTEST210.
Error in GRCTEST210; Reason Error in RFC; 'No more storage space available for
User sync failed with errors

Repository Object sync job failed with errors
Please check SLG1 for further details

For the Fix: Implement patch GRC 10 SP 10

Note 1590847 - User Sync failing with error No more storage space available

User sync is failing with the following error "No more storage space available"

Other terms
Repository, Access Control 10.0, /GRCPI/GRIA_USR_LIST_IN_PERNR, User Sync

Reason and Prerequisites
Program Error

Kindly implement the attached correction instruction in the plugin system to resolve the issue.
Please run the User sync in Full mode after implementing the corrections.

Correction delivered in Support Package