Type of processing in SAP - Online and Batch

In a SAP R/3 Production environment, business transactions are carried out in the following modes:
-Online Processing
-Batch Processing

Batch Process is a Job, where SAP R/3 reports/Programs are executed in the background as per the scheduled time. Business Process requirements & System Loads are considered for scheduling background Job. A background scheduler is active within the instances of the SAP R/3 System. For Background processing one background work process is assigned to the background Job till the job completes.

Background jobs run in a special type of work process—the background work process—that is different from dialog work processes in two ways:

1. A dialog work process has a run-time limit that prevents users from interactively running especially long reports. By default, the system terminates any dialog work process in a transaction that exceeds 300 seconds. Although the value of the limit can be changed (in the system profile parameter rdisp/max_wprun_time ), that limit is always in effect for dialog work processes. No such limit applies to background work processes.

2. Background work processes allocate memory differently than dialog work processes so that background work processes can become as large as they need to in allocated memory to allow for processing large volumes of data.
Having special work processes for background processing provides an additional dimension for separating background processing and interactive work. Typically, background processing and interactive work on the system is separated by time of day. For example, interactive users have the system during the day; large background jobs have the system by night. But the background work process also lets you separate interactive from background use by server, since background jobs can only run on those servers that offer background work processes.

It is recommended to create one standard user id to run the batch job. Eg: Batch_Adm