Most common SPOOL error encountered by BASIS. How do we resolve this issue?


  1. Execute SM37. You found an error Job. When you double click you found

  2. You saw the below error

  3. This error is caused by job spooler is not defined when job creation hence it picks up the job owner’s default output device.

  4. Since the default output device is no populated on master user record, the job log can’t find the print parameter.

  5. To resolve the issue, please populate the output device and select your preference for your SAP spool request via transaction code SU3.

  6. For Output device, you can choose one of SAP printer which has been defined in SAP (you can look at via transaction code SPAD)

  7. Recommendation: please do not select LOCL if you want to opt ‘Output immediately’. Moreover, this output device is not good for network performance

  8. Select ‘Output immediately’ if you want to immediate print for every spool request that you create in SAP. Recommendation: do not select this.

  9. Select ‘Delete After Output’ if you want SAP to delete every spool that you create. Recommendation: do not select this. You can manage your spools e.g. printing, reprinting, deletion, etc via transaction code SP01 as below: