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PFCG transport button has been greyed out or disable

  1. Tcode SHD0
  2. Enter the follow
  3. Button is invisible due to this variant. Deactived this variant and transport button is now visible again

How to SAP - SNC settings on Front End

  1. SAP Logon > Right Click any entries > Properties
  2. Network Tab > Check Activate Secure Network Communication
  3. SNC Name >
  4. OK


  1. Right click on root node > Activity Monitor
  2. It will take sometime to load on slower system

HOW TO SAP - Schedule liveCache Log backup every 720 minutes

  1. OS level > Run MaxDB

  2. Connect to your database
  3. Instance > Backup > Backup Wizard

  4. Active/Deactive Automatic Log Backup > Next

  5. Create a log backup every 720mins. You may create a new device/file if needed. Click Next when complete

  6. Click On

  7. Activated

How to SAP - liveCache log full

Livecache is not responding due to log full. Tcode LCA03 and other liveCache could not be executed.

  1. Tcode LC10 > You notice error was Log Full

  2. Login to OS Level
  3. Open MaxDB

  4. Connect your database

  5. Perform log backup > Instance > Backup > Backup Wizard

  6. Next

  7. Select Log Backup > Next

  8. Enter name for the backup.
    Type in the folder which you want to save the  log file.
    LCQ_LOG is the backup file name.

  9. Click Start and wait. It will auto shrink the log file once backup completed.

HOW TO SAP - Change "Upload Enabled" parameter from the PutServlet to false.

  1. Visual Admin
  2. Services > configuration adapter > configurations > cluster_data > server > presistent > servlet_jsp
  3. Edit global-web.xml
  4. Download it to you local machine
  5. Edit the xml file and locate "upload enable" and change parameter from true to false
  6. Save the xml file and upload back
  7. Restart SAP

HOW TO SAP - Upload Protected Area requires a username and password

  1. You get below error message when login to portal even though SSO has been configured
  2. Visual Admin > Services > Configuration Adapter > cluster_data > server > cfg > services > 
  3. Click Edit

  4. Select PropertySheet
  5. Edit Change value from 1 to 2

  6. Restart SAP

ST01 return codes

ST01 return codes

0  Auth check passed
1  No auth
2  Too many parameters for auth check
3  Object not contained in user buffer
4  No profile contained in user buffer
6  Authorization check incorrect
7,8,9  Invalid user buffer

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