FB50 step by step: Posting Journal vouchers


The FB50 transaction is very similar to the FV50 (Park G/L Document), FB60 (Enter Invoice), and FV60 (Park Invoice) transaction, and the steps shown here can also be used for those transactions. RecordStart Winshuttle Transaction from the desktop shortcut or from the Windows Start menu.Click New. Enter transaction code FB50 in the Transaction Code box, and then click Go. An SAP Log On screen appears. Click the SAP system that you want to use, and then click OK.Enter the appropriate User Data in the SAP Logon window, and then click the OK button. If you do not see the SAP system that you want, click the System button and choose a different system. For the recording mode, click Non-Batch Input Mode and click Without SAP Controls. Note: For most transactions, Batch Input mode will suffice, but for downloading information from SAP transactions, or for Finance or HR transactions in which there are Dynamic Actions executing or user parameter values being used, Non-Batch Input mode will b…

Display all tables in SAP with DD02T

Execute SE16,Enter DD02TClick display table contentsEnter table name (eg: AGR* or GRAC*)Execute

Webdynpro - User session (HTTP/SMTP/..) closed after timeout

There are two solution for this.
Solution 1:
Follow SAP note  1948291 - User session (HTTP/SMTP/..) closed aft by increasing the http/security_session_timeout to a higher value (default is 1800). 

Solution 2:
Change the rdisp/plugin_auto_logout as below:
You are getting "error while processing your query" due to User session (HTTP/SMTP/..) closed after timeout
SM21 suggest that funtional module TH_SET_AUTO_LOGOUT terminated the session.To resolve, change parameter for rdisp/plugin_auto_logoutGo to tcode RZ10Profile: Browse and select for your instance profileEdit Profile: Extended maintenanceClick changeSearch for this parameter, rdisp/plugin_auto_logout. Highlight and click edit. If not found, go to step 9
Click createParameter name: rdisp/plugin_auto_logoutParameter val. : 6000Click copyClick backClick backProfile was changed. Save changes: YesClick Save (floppy disk icon)Incorrect parameter values detected. Display value?. NoDo you want to activate the profile. Yes
Click okGo …

Install new add-on or plugin with SAINT

Execute SAINT
Installation Package >  Load Packages > From Application Server (if your files are in EPS\IN folder)
Press Yes when prompted to load OCS packages
Press Back
Press start
Select the Add-On and press Start
Target Support Package > Choose the highest level
Press Continue
Do you want to add modification adjustment Transports to queue: Yes
Click on the SAP Note when prompted for password (eg: During the installation, the system prompts you to enter a password. This password is: xxxxxx)
Enter the password according to the SAP note
Start in Dialog (or Background)
If prompted for SPAU and SPDD, check with your ABAPER
Else, confirm and continue

HOW TO SAP - Perform system trace via ST01

How to perform system trace for authorization

Execute tcode ST01
Check Authorization Check (you may select more)

Click Trace On (Make sure to turn it off after you are done!)

Now ask user to perform their task.*If there is more then one app server, go tcode SM51*Then double click on the app server.*Then repeat step 1 to 3Remember - Once user completed the test, turn of all trace from ST01
Now, click Analysis

Filter the trace like below (select what you need)
For authorization issue, anything above RC=0 meaning there is missing authorization.

How to configure Sap Logon 720 to update from server

Start > Run > ControlSearch SAP Gui ConfigurationExpand SAP Logon Option

Server tab is where you configure SAP Logon 7.20 to load the configuration from.

HOW TO View all parameter in a system with report RSPARAM

You can view all active parameter in a system with tcode RZ10 or RZ11Alternately, you may run report RSPARAMRSPARAM report contains a list of all active parameter in the systemExecute tcode SA38 or SE38 and enter RSPARAM