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HOW TO SAP - Create RFC TCPIP connection and Register Server Program with RFCEXEC

  1. Execute SM59
  2. Expand TCP/IP connections > Click Create

  3. Enter the following details. Ensure connection type is 'T'

  4. Save and click "Connection Test"

  5. You get an error below
Error Details Error when opening an RFC connection

    Error Details ERROR: program myProgId not registered

      Error Details LOCATION: SAP-Gateway on host R3DEV / sapgw00

        Error Details DETAIL: TP myProgId not registered

          Error Details COMPONENT: SAP-Gateway

            Error Details COUNTER: 40112

              Error Details MODULE: gwr3cpic.c

                Error Details LINE: 1871

                  Error Details RETURN CODE: 679

                    Error Details SUBRC: 0

                      Error Details RELEASE: 701

                        Error Details TIME: Tue Mar 29 22:40:17 2011

                          Error Details VERSION: 2

                          1. Login to OS level to register the program id to the gateway.

                          2. After login, open Command Prompt

                          3. Execute rfcexec -a -g -x . Example: Execute rfcexec -a<HPAS2> -g<erpdev> -x<sapgw00>

                          4. You will see command prompt hangs in a loop and execute below codes

                          5. Now back to SAP. Click "connection test" you will get

                          HOW TO SAP - Display Output - Condition Records for Billing

                          1. Execute VV33
                          2. Output type: RD00

                          3. Click Key combination
                          4. Select Bill.type/Bill To > Execute

                          5. Billing type: F2 , Bill-To Party: 101. Execute

                          6. Double Click 101

                          7. You can then determind the Output Device type from here

                          8. In our case, its LP01

                          HOW TO SAP - Restore MSSQL 2008 R2 Database

                          ** You must have a backup files in order to perform restore.
                          ** We are not recovering up to point in time.
                          ** We do no need tlog files.

                          1. Execute MSSQL Management Studio
                          2. Right click Databases > Restore database

                          3. Enter database name and souce for restore (choose from devices)

                          4. Add the *.Bak files. Click OK

                          5. Check Restore and click ok

                          6. Click Option > Restore the database files as >

                          7. Give a path and give file name. REMEMBER:

                            - 1st first file name must end with *.mdf,
                            - 2nd and other datafiles are *.ndf
                            - Log files are *.ldf

                            Sample as below:

                          8. Recovery choose 1st option

                          9. Click OK and wait for execution to finish

                          10. Completed

                          HOW TO SAP - Change retention settings in ST03

                          1. ST03
                          2. Collector and DB performance > Performance Database > Workload Collector Database > Reorganization > Control

                          3. Setting can be change by clicking the "edit pencil"

                          4. Standard SAP retention period is 3 months.

                          HOW TO SAP - Windows 2008 folder unable to delete

                          1. You are not able to delete folder/files in Window 2008
                          2. You have already added your user ID to have "full control"

                          3. Right click folder > Properties > Security > Advance > Edit > Replace all existing inheritable permission on all descendents...

                          4. Apply

                          HOW TO SAP - Extract Transaction Profile Report with ST03 by month

                          1. Execute ST03
                          2. Change to expert mode and Total > Month > 02/2011

                          3. Analysis Views > Transaction Profile > Standard

                          4. Transaction Profile for Feb will appear with Transaction name and Background Job

                          5. If you want to export the list go > export > local file

                          6. Spreadsheet or any format you prefer

                          HOW TO SAP - Register Developer Key

                          1. Go
                          2. Key & Request > SSCR Keys

                          3. Enter UserID and Installation number

                          4. You can find installation number from (SapGui > status > Installation Number)

                          5. Once you found your installation number, highlight it and register

                          6. You will get your developed key displayed below

                          HOW TO SAP - Check user performance

                          1. Execute STAD

                          2. Enter user ID

                          3. Select any transaction

                          4. You may now see the respond time as below

                          HOW TO SAP - Stop a transport

                          1. STMS > Import Overview >

                          2. Select the Queue (SID)

                          3. Click Import Monitor (Ctrl+F8)

                          4. Right click your transport and delete entry

                          HOW TO SAP - SAP GUI change color settings

                          1. Click customized local layout (alt+12)

                          2. Choose Theme "Enjoy Theme". Restart Gui if you are using SAP Logon 720

                          3. Click on configure color in system

                          4. Change the color and save.

                          HOW TO SAP - BEX Analyzer authorization check

                          1. Execute tcode RSECADMIN
                          2. Select Analysis tab
                          3. Execute as ...

                          4. Enter Username and check "with log"

                          5. Start Transaction

                          6. Enter query name

                          7. Execute

                          8. After you see the output, click back twice and view log

                          HOW TO SAP - Creating Authorization Object in HR

                          1. Tcode SU21
                          2. Browse to HR folder
                          3. Create > Authorization Object

                          4. Enter the object name and other details from requestor

                          5. Click Save

                          6. Click Save again and choose package ZBASIS (or ask the requestor)

                          7. Then create a new transport and perform transport to QA as needed

                          HOW TO SAP - SAP Web dispatcher Installation

                          1. Login with adm.

                          2. Create folder SAPWEBDISP in usr\sap\

                          3. Download latest web dispatcher from and save it to above folder

                          4. To extract the file > Start > Run > Cmd > Browse to SAPWEBDISP folder

                          5. Execute sapcar –xvf sapdispatcher.sar

                          6. Create a profile by executing: sapwebdisp.exe –bootstrap

                          7. You will be prompted for some details.

                          8. Hostname:

                          9. http_port : 8100 <-- this might differ, 00 is the instance having a messager server

                          10. Unique Instance number: 88 (any number)

                          11. Http port number for SAP Web Dispatcher: 80 <-- default port for landing page
                          12. Create configuration for : medium (default)

                          13. Once complete, browse to SAPWEBDISP folder and edit sapwebdisp.pfl

                          14. #SAP Web Dispatcher Ports
                            icm/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=80,TIMEOUT=180, PROCTIMEOUT=3600

                          15. # SAP Web Dispatcher Web Administration
                            icm/HTTP/admin_0 = PREFIX=/sap/wdisp/admin,DOCROOT=./admin,AUTHFILE=icmauth.txticm/HTTP/redirect_0 = PREFIX=/, TO=/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/!

                          16. Manually create a window service to run web dispatcher.

                          17. Start > Run > Cmd > ntscmgr install "SAPWebDisp PRD” -b

                          18. Start > Run > Regedit >

                          19. HLKM > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > services > SAPWebDisp PRD > ImagePath >

                          20. Enter:
                            F:\usr\sap\\SAPWEBDISP\sapwebdisp.exe service pf=F:\usr\sap\\SAPWEBDISP\sapwebdisp.pfl
                            (remember to check your drive and sid)

                          21. Exit regedit

                          22. Right click on My Computer > Manager > Services >

                          23. Restart SAPWebDisp PRD service
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