** You must have a backup files in order to perform restore.
** We are not recovering up to point in time.
** We do no need tlog files.

  1. Execute MSSQL Management Studio
  2. Right click Databases > Restore database

  3. Enter database name and souce for restore (choose from devices)

  4. Add the *.Bak files. Click OK

  5. Check Restore and click ok

  6. Click Option > Restore the database files as >

  7. Give a path and give file name. REMEMBER:

    - 1st first file name must end with *.mdf,
    - 2nd and other datafiles are *.ndf
    - Log files are *.ldf

    Sample as below:

  8. Recovery choose 1st option

  9. Click OK and wait for execution to finish

  10. Completed