Step by step to create new job using SM36

Step by step to create new job using SM36Guide:

  1. Execute SM36

  2. Enter the Job Name. Click on Step button

  3. A step can be:
    - An ABAP program
    - An external command
    - An external program

  4. Enter the ABAP program name. Select the Variant. Click on Check and Save button
    *Variant is a predefine set of value which program RSBTCPRIDEL used in our case.


  5. A job can be triggered to run:

    -At a predefined date and time
    -At the occurrence of a predefined event

  6. Click on the Start Condition button


  7. Background jobs can be prioritized as:

    Class Priority
    Class A High Priority
    Class B Medium Priority
    Class C Low Priority

  8. Click on Date/Time button. Enter the scheduled start date and time.


  9. Click on Period Values button. Select the period values. Click on Check and Save button.


  10. Click on Check and Save button


  11. Click on Save button.


  12. The status of the job can be seen at the bottom of the page.


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