1. Two types of database – system database(MS SQL) and user database (HRT)

  2. Master:  MS SQL database. Contains info of all physically files, configuration.
  3. Model :  template dataabase
  4. msdb : manage sql server agent configuration.
  5. tempdb:  store temporary tables

  6. Right click databases > new database

  7. Enter TST as database name

  8. For the 1st data file , the extenstion should end as *.mdf

  9. Click Add (for new data files)
  10. Logical name TSTDATA2, Path M:\TST\Data2\, File name : TSTDATA2.ndf
  11. For other data files, remember extension should be *.ndf

  12. TST_Log path is M:\TST\Log1, File name: TSTLOG.ldf
  13. Remember logfiles extension is *.ldf

  14. Double click cell under Autogrowth. Settings can be change here.

  15. Ok
  16. Ok
  17.  Database created.