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HOW TO SAP - Perform system trace via ST01

How to perform system trace for authorization

  1. Execute tcode ST01
  2. Check Authorization Check (you may select more)

  3. Click Trace On (Make sure to turn it off after you are done!)

  4. Now ask user to perform their task.
  5. *If there is more then one app server, go tcode SM51
  6. *Then double click on the app server.
  7. *Then repeat step 1 to 3
  8. Remember - Once user completed the test, turn of all trace from ST01
  9. Now, click Analysis

  10. Filter the trace like below (select what you need)
  11. For authorization issue, anything above RC=0 meaning there is missing authorization.

How to configure Sap Logon 720 to update from server

  1. Start > Run > Control
  2. Search SAP Gui Configuration
  3. Expand SAP Logon Option

  4. Server tab is where you configure SAP Logon 7.20 to load the configuration from.

HOW TO View all parameter in a system with report RSPARAM

  1. You can view all active parameter in a system with tcode RZ10 or RZ11
  2. Alternately, you may run report RSPARAM
  3. RSPARAM report contains a list of all active parameter in the system
  4. Execute tcode SA38 or SE38 and enter RSPARAM
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