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In MS SQL Server Management studioExecute SELECT BNAME FROM hrs.USR02 WHERE MANDT='310';

HOW TO CHECK SIZE OF A CLIENT Note 118823 - CC-ADMIN: Size of a client

SAP NOTE 118823 - CC-ADMIN: Size of a clientSymptom
To be able to schedule client copies and also for system planning, the size of clients or tables in a client is required.

Reason and Prerequisites
In productive environments some tables can become very large. This is important both for performance planning and for system planning.
For local client copies or remote copies you can carry out a tablespace analysis in the log after a test run. This analysis estimates the memory space required. For the latest information refer to Note 35415.

Depending on the release, typical Customizing clients have the following sizes:
           3.0: approx. 150 - 200 MB
3.1: approx. 200 - 250 MB
4.0: approx. 350 - 400 MB
4.5: approx. 450 - 500 MB
4.6: approx. 150 - 1500 MB *
     * depending on the components of applied
Production clients with application data can of course be considerably larger.

The following reports shall help you to estimate the memory requirements of a client. Howe…

HOW TO SAP - STMS Extra Other request add is disable (greyed out)

There is a request in the queue for which "Target Client" is not specified. Delete that request of specify the target client which "clt" is empty or in red. Now try again.

HOW TO SAP - Hide Big transport truck

Click on Overview

Double click on your system


Under transport tab add NO_IMPORT_ALL value 1

Save and activate the settings

HOW TO SAP - APPLY LICENSE for Enterprise Portal using Virtual Admin

Once the J2EE Engine has been installed, you can log on, since a temporary license has automatically been installed. You then have to request and install a permanent license from SAP. If you have installed the SAP Web Application Server with ABAP and J2EE, you can follow the licensing procedure used in earlier releases of the SAP WebAS.The documentation can be found in SAP License. There are two types of SAP licenses – permanent and temporary licenses ·Permanent License How you go about getting a permanent license from SAP is explained in Requesting and Installing an SAP License. ·Temporary License If your permanent license has expired, as a short term measure you can install a temporary license. In the Visual Administrator choose Server 0®Services®Licensing Adapter.Then choose tab page Runtime®Installed Licenses and Install subsequent temporary license. This is valid for 28 days.By then you should have installed a permanent license again. Note that you cannot install another temporary license,…

HOW TO SAP - Renew portal certificate

Logging in to the BI Portal with an administrative account you need to go to the following path AdministrationSystem ConfigurationKeystore AdministrationIn the table above we can see the expiration date.

Now we generate new certificate via Virtual AdminGo “Server”, then “Services” and then find and click once on “KeyStorage” in the “Services” list. You will be presented with the below screen.

Now we click create in the Entry area.

An entry name “SLTKNEW” for nowThe Common Name (CN) The Organization Unit Name (OU) We have given the certificate a validity period of 10 years in place of 1 year that was previously assigned.We need to check “Store Certificate”Leave the Key Length as the default of “1024”User the drop down on “Algorithm” and choose “DSA”Once done choose “Generate” and looks like below

Now we can activate and use the new key certificate.

Once we have verified that the old and the new are aligned with regards to their common a…

HOW TO SAP - SAP Note 763789 - Improve Portal Performance by Changing Log Levels

1. Open Visual Admin Tool. (usually in usr\sap\sid\DVEBMGS00\j2ee\admin)
2. Go to: active server -> Services -> LogConfigurator.
3. Click "To Advance Mode".
4. Go to the tab "Categories".
5. In each Severity field of all the logs, set the value to Error.
6. Go to the tab "Locations" and repeat the step 5.
7. Go to the active Dispatcher and repeat steps 2-6.
8. If there are more active servers, repeat the procedure for each Server
and Dispatcher node of each on of them, for the entire cluster.
9. Restart the server.

HOW TO SAP - Check certification for expiry date in JAVA

You may also check the certification expiry date from Java using Internet Browser

Open url
If fails try       (5 is fixed, 01 is your instance number and 00 is the port)
Enter user j2ee_admin or any id which you have authorization to access the portal
Click "I Agree" if you see this error. If not, then you may continue scrolling down to check your expiry date:

The expiry date

HOW TO SAP - Check certification for expiry date in ABAP

In ABAP you may check from Tcode strustsso2
Then double click on the certs you see on you screen such as:

You will be able to see the expiry date


You may check Java related server issues from


HOW TO SAP - Alternative way to change Log File Severity Levels for Java using NWA

Instead of using Virtual Admin, we may change the settings from NWA
Open Url
Click Configuration

Select log configuration

Select severity to report only "ERROR"

Lastly, copy it to subtree
Save Configuration

HOW TO SAP - ADD Authorization to NWDI

Open URL http://<server>.com/useradminEnter valid user ID and password

Enter a user ID (our case we choose Administrator).
Select administrator by right clicking on the row
Details of user Administrator will appear below

Click Modify
Select Assigned roles or Assigned Groups tab (ask the requester what need to be added)

This example we add SAP_JAVA_SUPPORT. Highlight and click ADD.

Now click Save

SAP HOW SOLVE - Failed to load administrator rule file

You encounter Failed to load administrator rule file while installing SAPGUI

This is the error message

Uninstall SAP GUI
Remove all instance of MSXML4.0
Reboot windows
Download MSXML 4 SP3 from Microsoft Website
( )Reinstall SAP GUI again

HOW TO FIND JSPM executable file?

If the shortcut is missing from the desktop, you may find it from