Install new add-on or plugin with SAINT

  1. Execute SAINT
  2. Installation Package >  Load Packages > From Application Server (if your files are in EPS\IN folder)
  3. Press Yes when prompted to load OCS packages
  4. Press Back
  5. Press start
  6. Select the Add-On and press Start
  7. Target Support Package > Choose the highest level
  8. Press Continue
  9. Continue
  10. Do you want to add modification adjustment Transports to queue: Yes
  11. Continue
  12. Click on the SAP Note when prompted for password (eg: During the installation, the system prompts you to enter a password. This password is: xxxxxx)
  13. Enter the password according to the SAP note
  14. OK
  15. Start in Dialog (or Background)
  16. OK
  17. If prompted for SPAU and SPDD, check with your ABAPER
  18. Else, confirm and continue
  19. Finish

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