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Webdynpro - User session (HTTP/SMTP/..) closed after timeout

There are two solution for this.
Solution 1:
Follow SAP note  1948291 - User session (HTTP/SMTP/..) closed aft by increasing the http/security_session_timeout to a higher value (default is 1800). 

Solution 2:
Change the rdisp/plugin_auto_logout as below:
You are getting "error while processing your query" due to User session (HTTP/SMTP/..) closed after timeout
SM21 suggest that funtional module TH_SET_AUTO_LOGOUT terminated the session.To resolve, change parameter for rdisp/plugin_auto_logoutGo to tcode RZ10Profile: Browse and select for your instance profileEdit Profile: Extended maintenanceClick changeSearch for this parameter, rdisp/plugin_auto_logout. Highlight and click edit. If not found, go to step 9
Click createParameter name: rdisp/plugin_auto_logoutParameter val. : 6000Click copyClick backClick backProfile was changed. Save changes: YesClick Save (floppy disk icon)Incorrect parameter values detected. Display value?. NoDo you want to activate the profile. Yes
Click okGo …

Install new add-on or plugin with SAINT

Execute SAINT
Installation Package >  Load Packages > From Application Server (if your files are in EPS\IN folder)
Press Yes when prompted to load OCS packages
Press Back
Press start
Select the Add-On and press Start
Target Support Package > Choose the highest level
Press Continue
Do you want to add modification adjustment Transports to queue: Yes
Click on the SAP Note when prompted for password (eg: During the installation, the system prompts you to enter a password. This password is: xxxxxx)
Enter the password according to the SAP note
Start in Dialog (or Background)
If prompted for SPAU and SPDD, check with your ABAPER
Else, confirm and continue