HOW TO SAP - Create RFC TCPIP connection and Register Server Program with RFCEXEC

  1. Execute SM59
  2. Expand TCP/IP connections > Click Create

  3. Enter the following details. Ensure connection type is 'T'

  4. Save and click "Connection Test"

  5. You get an error below
Error Details Error when opening an RFC connection

    Error Details ERROR: program myProgId not registered

      Error Details LOCATION: SAP-Gateway on host R3DEV / sapgw00

        Error Details DETAIL: TP myProgId not registered

          Error Details COMPONENT: SAP-Gateway

            Error Details COUNTER: 40112

              Error Details MODULE: gwr3cpic.c

                Error Details LINE: 1871

                  Error Details RETURN CODE: 679

                    Error Details SUBRC: 0

                      Error Details RELEASE: 701

                        Error Details TIME: Tue Mar 29 22:40:17 2011

                          Error Details VERSION: 2

                          1. Login to OS level to register the program id to the gateway.

                          2. After login, open Command Prompt

                          3. Execute rfcexec -a -g -x . Example: Execute rfcexec -a<HPAS2> -g<erpdev> -x<sapgw00>

                          4. You will see command prompt hangs in a loop and execute below codes

                          5. Now back to SAP. Click "connection test" you will get

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