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HOW TO SAP - Install MS SQL 2008 R2

If there is an existing MS SQL running, detach database and uninstall existing MS SQL.To uninstall, Control Panel > programs and feature > remove MS SQLRemoving existing

Once done, go back to Control Panel > programs and feature > remove MS SQL Native Client

Once complete, run the MS SQL 2008 R2 Setup.exe
Select New Installation or add features to an existing installation

Next all the way until you reach "Feature Selection". Select following feature:

Next All the way until you search "Server Configuration". Select SQL_Latin1_General_CP850_BIN2

Next all the way until "Database Engine Configuration". Choose data root directory path where data files are stored.

Next all the way and you are done.

HOW TO SAP - How to sent popup message to SAP user

Execute se37
Run TH_POP and Test/Execute (F8)

Type in the client, user and also message. Hit Execute.
You should see this message on the screen.